Building on its long-term, sustainable micro-political and emancipatory efforts as organizer of Sinopale, The European Cultural Association in co-operation with a team of international curators responsible for the selection of artists and the programming, take a pragmatic and functional collective approach to its exhibition, events and their thematic and discursive direction in order to generate a format of cross-cultural exchange with the local context.

Sinopale is an event-driven, process and site oriented biennial. It is important to us to emphasize its experimental character which encourages art practices to bring forth new modes of production, experience and circulation between the field of art and daily life, inspired by locality and its place. Sinopale consists of a multitude of events of different formats. The main Biennial exhibition takes place in the Hal market hall, in the old prison as well as various alternative venues. Simultaneously, in no hierarchy to the exhibition, ephemeral performative events spill out into the entire town of Sinop. In addition, a program of open-air film screenings, the educational programs of the Sinopale summer academy, Sinopale Kids, and workshops are open to a broad audience and communities.

We would like to emphasize the exhibition value of art and remain operative in building the horizontal structure of the aesthetic events, which display the value of direct presentism articulating a space of potentialities within the place and complexity of the town of Sinop. Sinopale blooms in this Biennial summer to bring together art practices in sharing, commonality, difference and knowledge as a space of aesthetic, social and political practices, as well as non-knowledge, which can be seen as the other direction of the same process, which is lived and learning experience of the knowledge of a specific place. Such presentist value is common to art and history, which are both spatial and non-linearly organized.

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