The Dynamic Archive

An important part of the biennial is the Dynamic Archive, an open system, developed together with the Hochschule der Künste Bremen, to store and share (aesthetic) knowledge, collaborative processes and practices. Through analogue and digital means, the Sinop Biennial is archived to be introduced and continued in Istanbul and other places. “Open Source” strategies in software development have served as a model for these efforts. 

As collaborative work, the sharing and transferring of knowledge have become increasingly important within the arts, academia, and other communities, the dynamic archive is an innovative format to react to and advance these practices. Further use of modules, methods, principles, imageries, etc. developed by members of a network, are archived, tagged and made accessible through an open and growing infrastructure. This infrastructure is both digital and analogue and will give access to and further develop processes from Sinop in Istanbul. Seemingly fixed relations between center and periphery, urban and rural areas can be addressed and even destabilized.
(with Andrea Sick, Irena Kukric, Dennis Paul)